Join Us at the LayerOne Security Conference


Join us this weekend at LayerOne, Los Angeles’ premier information security conference, May 28-29, 2016. Sander Smith from Sericon Technology will share a talk entitled “Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Routers”. The talk is based on data that was gathered and lessons learned while building RouterCheck. We’ll discuss strategies for mitigating the “SOHO Router Problem” and look […]

It’s Time to Demand Accountability of Android Apps’ Permissions


Today is Safer Internet Day, so it’s a good time to think about how we can all be safer while online. When talking about online safety, we typically think of being more secure and having our privacy maintained and respected. We have always been concerned by the design of Android’s Permissions system and its limitations. Unfortunately, the original Permissions design […]

Getting Over the Password Hurdle

Getting Over the Password Hurdle

Most hacked routers are attacked because of bad passwords. To celebrate Safer Internet Day on February 9, we bring you this guest blog post from Sticky Password about managing your passwords.  Are passwords a hurdle to you when you’re online? Does your pulse go up at the very thought of having to create and remember another password, or […]

Kudos to Rogers! Well, almost…


Today I received a very interesting message from Rogers, our home Internet Service Provider that provided me with some amount of joy. For those who don’t know, Rogers is a large media conglomeration here in Canada that’s responsible for everything from providing wireless service to renaming SkyDome. The message I received from Rogers looked liked […]

Enter Our Contest!

DPD BannerSm

In support of Data Privacy Day, RouterCheck is sponsoring a contest to increase awareness of the importance of privacy and protecting personal information. The theme of the contest is Home network security is critical to keeping your data private. You may enter our contest as many times as you wish.  Winning entries can win the following prizes: […]

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